23 Feb 2015

20 Problems Of Being A Girl

I thought that I'd do a more funnier post in which I discuss my most related to "girl problems" which I'm pretty sure plenty of you suffer from aswell. The majority of these take place on a reoccurring basis in my day to day life so lets see what there is shall we.

22 Feb 2015

A-Z Of Beauty Brands

For today's post, I'm going to be sharing the love of some of my favourite brands out there in the beauty industry. To mix it up a little, I thought I would do it alphabetically and give one for each of the letter (minus a few) of the alphabet, an idea I saw over at ALOIt can be quite daunting keeping up with new releases all the time however there's nothing better than finding hidden gems out there or just simply trying a new product out for the first time.

20 Feb 2015

20 Things To Do On A Sunday

Being that Sunday is almost here meaning it's the last day to squeeze all activities in before heading back to school, college or work, I thought I would share my top 20 things to do on a Sunday. I'm a believer that if you end your week on a high, you are sure to start the next week on a high too. Sundays are usually seen as the "day of rest" so whilst you may not want to physically leave the house, there are plenty of other opportunities you can do whilst in the comfort of your own home.

8 Feb 2015

20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

As bloggers we all go through times of writer's block, the bane of a bloggers life, which can be quite daunting. Trying to keep up with new releases as well as creating unique, fresh content can be extremely difficult at times and deciding what to write about can be the mother of all blogging problems. Deciding upon a starting point can often be a challenge so today I thought I'd share my list of 20 beauty blog post ideas to get your creative ideas flowing!

7 Feb 2015

Leigh's Life Lessons

Teen years are some of the most memorable times in your life when you realise what is really important and what's not. As a sixteen year old, I have been through many obstacles however have also reached managed to reach the finish line on many of my goals. Although there is nothing that I would change which has happened to me in the past elst I wouldn't be where I am today, I find it very interesting to other peoples vital lessons in life so given the chance today, I thought I would share mine with you.

6 Feb 2015

Beauty Resolutions

So we all have our usual resolutions that we make at the beginning of each year, right? However, being the beauty blogger that I am, I thought it would make sense to compile a list of twelve beauty resolutions which I'd like to aim for this year. There are a few things out of my comfort zone although most of these goals are things that we should all be sticking to.