20 Feb 2015

20 Things To Do On A Sunday

Being that Sunday is almost here meaning it's the last day to squeeze all activities in before heading back to school, college or work, I thought I would share my top 20 things to do on a Sunday. I'm a believer that if you end your week on a high, you are sure to start the next week on a high too. Sundays are usually seen as the "day of rest" so whilst you may not want to physically leave the house, there are plenty of other opportunities you can do whilst in the comfort of your own home.

- Go on a nice, long walk
- Plan for the week ahead, maybe make a few lists or so
- Catch up on your favourite youtubers
- Or catch up on your favourite shows
- Clean your makeup brushes
- Read a book
- Sort through your emails
- Plan some blog posts
- Tidy up and organise
- Have a film festival
- Have a big roast dinner
- Online shop (this is my favourite thing to do on a Sunday)
- Family board game day
- Bake
- Teach yourself something new
- Catch up with a friend/family member
- Yoga
- Pamper yourself
- Change your bedding
- Donate unwanted clothes to charity

Is there anything you like to do on a Sunday?

Lots of Love

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