30 Jun 2015

A mask which heats up?

The Body Shop always have great deals running throughout the store and I have always been a big fan of their skincare line as it's so cheap and cheerful. I had heard numerous raving reviews on the warming mineral mask which is a deep cleansing facial mud mask so when I saw that the store had a 40% off deal running, I couldn't resist. We've all tried those peel of masks which come in a sachet for 99p in our teen days but realistically they end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

29 Jun 2015

20 Ways To Feel Happy

Now I know the 'Coca Cola Happiness Week' is over however happiness should be celebrated every day of every week of every year so I thought I would give my intake of happiness. Being happy is one of the greatest feelings in the world and it's not something that everyone will always feel however if you are ever feeling down there will always be something you can do to help you take your mind off of it and cheer yourself up.

A to Z Of Blog Post Ideas | Part 2

Hey dolls! So I'm back with part 2 of my a to z of blog post ideas which many of you seemed to love as I got some lovely responses. I enjoy all my A-Z series so if you have any other ideas which you'd like to see then please let me know.

23 Jun 2015

A to Z Of Blog Post Ideas | Part 1

Ever been stuck in a rut of what topics to discuss over on your blog? It's a problem all bloggers struggle with from time to time. I usually find inspiration from other bloggers on what to post about although word of advice, it is so not cool to copy what they have written from word to word. Be original. That's where posts like this one come in handy to give you an idea of overall topics which you could post about, so I thought I'd give you a few of my own blog post ideas for when you're having writers block. I'll be doing this post in two parts so make sure you keep an eye out for the second part coming soon.

22 Jun 2015

Seven Deadly Sins Of Beauty

My Mum says I have a problem when it comes to beauty items, and I agree! I just can't help having to pick up the latest product everyone's raving about, or the ultra cute minis which are great for travelling but I just use at home instead. I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only guilty soul around here. So when I eyed this tag up over at the lovely Jasmines blog (p.s she's great so make sure y'all go read her blog) I just couldn't resist the urge of posting my responses to the deadly seven sins of beauty.

19 Jun 2015

Camomile Cleansing Butter

For months and months, all I kept hearing was talk about the Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter which got me very intrigued. It wasn't until my lovely friend Zee from over at GlitZeeGlam convinced me that I needed it in my skincare routine that I picked it up from my local Body Shop to give it a try for myself. I've been using it on and off ever since purchasing it a few months back, and needless to say I am quite the fan.