30 Jun 2015

A mask which heats up?

The Body Shop always have great deals running throughout the store and I have always been a big fan of their skincare line as it's so cheap and cheerful. I had heard numerous raving reviews on the warming mineral mask which is a deep cleansing facial mud mask so when I saw that the store had a 40% off deal running, I couldn't resist. We've all tried those peel of masks which come in a sachet for 99p in our teen days but realistically they end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

So like any other clay mask that you can get out there on the market, this one has the usual properties. By that I mean the smell and the grey colour as well as the thick, heavy duty texture. The only difference is that as soon as you smooth it onto your face, it warms up. LITERALLY warms up and gets quite hot for around 10 seconds before cooling back down again. I'm not sure of the science behind it and how that works, but the main aim is supposedly that it opens your pores up to extract as much grime as possible. Sorry Caroline Hirons, I shouldn't have used that phrase. Let me rephrase. It maximizes the size of your pores to ensure the clay mask to get deep down into them. The mask itself contains contents of ginger and and cinnamon oils to invigorate, and traces of algae to purify and condition, giving it the best of budding beauty properties. 

When it comes to application, after cleansing the face during your skincare routine and dabbing dry, apply a generous amount to the face and leave on for 5-10 minutes. I find that a little goes a long way with this product as it smooths out well and for £10 for this 100ml tube, it's a godsend really. Unlike many, I find this mask quite relaxing to wear due to the warming properties which is such a bliss during the colder months. I find that it doesn't tighten up and leave my skin feeling as stiff after use which other masks which I've tried in the past tend to do. After use my pores seem less apparent to the naked eye and my skin seems in a much better condition than it were previous to use. By the next day any spots I my have had are less red and seemed to have reduced in size. Always a good sign that a product has well and truly worked. 

Seeing as my skin hasn't been behaving well recently, probably exacerbated due to the amount of crap I ate last week, the spots which have been exhibited and living on my face for the past few days needed seeing too. Therefore, I've used this mask twice over the past few days and have really started to fall back in love with it again after having shoved it to the back of my drawer in dismay. Has it combated my pimple problem? There still needs work to be done but a slight improvement is better than nothing I suppose.

What are your thoughts on this mask? What other masks have you tried and love?

Lots of Love.

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