25 Jul 2015

Heathers Summer Fragrance Picks | Guest Post

When it comes to beauty, there are two things that I love to buy - makeup and perfume! I love perfume, I'm always looking for new fragrances to try and new brands; also I always ask for perfume for my Birthday and Christmas. As with my makeup, my perfume choices change with the seasons and so far this summer here are the fragrances I've been loving!

10 Jul 2015

Something Personal

Today I decided to touch down on something a bit more personal and write about a topic I wouldn't usually express my voice upon. However I believe it's something every one lacks from time to time as. It's definitely something which has created many obstacles and hurdles throughout my past and there were times in which I felt like I was the only one. You must remember that no matter what, you are never alone!

6 Jul 2015

Are they real..yes they're real

Mascara has got to be the number one beauty product which I can not live without. It is that one product that I can't even leave the house without having a coat or two of it on my lashes as it just makes me look much more awake and put together. I have never really consistently stuck to a certain mascara throughout my makeup loving years, however I do always seem to find myself coming back to the Benefit ones.