25 Jul 2015

Heathers Summer Fragrance Picks | Guest Post

When it comes to beauty, there are two things that I love to buy - makeup and perfume! I love perfume, I'm always looking for new fragrances to try and new brands; also I always ask for perfume for my Birthday and Christmas. As with my makeup, my perfume choices change with the seasons and so far this summer here are the fragrances I've been loving!

The Library Of Fragrance (30ml, Cologne)
Perfumes, especially cheaper and middle market scents, can sometimes be very generic and similar however there is one brand in particular that is breaking the perfume boundaries - The Library of Fragrance. They have fragrances such as Chocolate Chip Cookie, Dirt, Sunshine, Pizza and more! I've tried seven of their fragrances and my favourites have to be Lavender, Thunderstorm and Mountain Air, especially for the summer mouths. Mountain Air and Thunderstorm are scents I've been wearing constantly as they are both incredibly fresh, light and summery; the longevity isn't amazing at around five hours but they are colognes which is the weakest form of perfume as far as I know. If you haven't tried a scent from The Library of Fragrance, check them out as they are stocked in Boots and each 30ml cologne is only £15!

Versace Eros Pour Femme (30ml, EDP)
The most recent addition to my perfume collection and one of my current faves - I'm more than half way through my bottle already! This is the first fragrance I've tried from Versace and I definitely want to check out their others. The scent itself can seem a little generic at first but since trying other fragrances in my collection, it becomes more apparent how unique it is to most other fragrances I own. The perfume is floral, sweet, fresh with musky notes - I know, it doesn't sound that exciting but it's well worth a sniff.

Sabe Masson Copacabana Solid Perfume
The only other solid perfumes I've tried have been from L'Occitan and I love the concept and the lower price point but until now, I hadn't been a massive fan mainly because of the lesser longevity and they are usually less strongly scented, in my opinion. I love the stick format of the Sabe Masson 'le soft perfume' in Copacabana, it makes application so quick and easy. The packaging is so cute and the scent is just heavenly as to me it smells like a Lush store in perfume form - yes, I know, it smells amazing! The longevity is pretty good considering it's a solid perfume and the lower price point and I can smell it throughout the day but it doesn't compare to the longevity or strength of a traditional perfume.

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum (50ml, EDP)
Last but not least, this fragrance has been a favourite of mine for two years now and I do try to ration it otherwise I would go through it in a couple of months. When it was first released, it was included as a sample in an online order I made and I was hooked instantly. To me the fragrance smells like coconuts, musky notes and a sun kissed beach rolled into one - it's just summer in a bottle. The longevity on me is amazing, it last all day.

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Lots of Love.

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  1. I haven't heard of any of these fragrances before so thank you for bringing them to my attention!