30 Jan 2015

Do It Yourself Gel Nails

I have to admit that I were never really a fan of gel nails, I was always an acrylic nail gal until it got to the point where my nails were becoming so weak and very damaged. Note to self: keep those aside for special occasions. I have tried almost every nail polish brand which I can think of and for some strange, unknown reason I can never get polish to last on my nails longer than two days, which means it would be a miracle if the day were to ever come in which I don't chip one of my freshly painted nails.It wasn't until I was browsing the shelves in my local drugstore when I came across the SensatioNail Starter Kit. So I researched it a little, read up on reviews and came to the conclusion that it would be perfect for my nails. I was lucky enough to be gifted with the kit a few weeks later from my parents for Christmas and as soon as the evening struck, the led lamp came out and the polish went on.

What The Kit Contains
- LED lamp
- Gel cleanser
- Gel primer
- Gel base/top coat
- Gel polish
- Lint free cloths

The application process was very simple and easy to follow; I was very fond of this as I usually become very baffled from the long-winding instructions which comes with most electrical items in this day and age. For someone who doesn't have much patience, this was an absolute diamond.  Before you begin with the application of base coats, colour etc etc, you need to make sure that you remove any current polish followed by filing and gently buffing the nails in order to allow the polish to adhere better to the nail. You then follow this up by using the gel cleanser and a lint free cloth, which comes in the kit, to cleanse the nail, then applying the gel primer and leaving to air dry. If you find these couple of steps easy to follow, the simplicity in the final stages gets even better.

Next, you apply a thin layer of the gel base and top coat. A little tip is to avoid applying any polish to close to the nail bed to make sure you get that ultra neat finish. Make sure you cap the nail by running the brush along the top and back of the nail in order to lock it in place, and then 'cure' the nails under the lamp for thirty seconds. The light will stay on for a minute each time the button is pressed, with a 'beep' at each thirty second interval. After this, you then apply a thin layer of the gel colour, cap the nail and then cure for sixty seconds. Repeat this step so that you have overall applied two layers of the colour, following up by applying another thin layer of the gel top coat, capping and curing for thirty seconds. Using the gel cleanser and a lint free cloth, take off any moisture from the nails as they do feel very sticky and hey presto, you have a gel manicure!

Whenever carrying out a gel manicure on yourself using this kit, always make sure that you apply thing layers otherwise if you apply it too thick, the colour will come off very easily which I found the first time I done this on myself. After sitting back and carefully reading the instructions, I re-tried it and thankfully the colour lasted on my nails for just over one week without any chips in sight. When it came to removing the gel colour from my nail, I soaked my nails in the acetone remover which you can also buy from Boots and used the nail removal tool to help aid in the removal process. Overall, I found this kit so simple to use and have been using it about once a week since I received it as a gift last month. I got the kit which comes with the baby pink shade however you can buy other colours separately. They are quite pricey so I tend to get them when they are on offer for 'buy one get one half price'. However, doing it at home yourself does save a lot of money as it usually costs £30 each time in the nail salon to get them done by a professional. Why not just do it yourself when they look just as nice and can last just as long if you take extra care of them. 

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