20 Jan 2015

A Brush For Your Face?

 I recently got in contact with Magnitone regarding one of their newly released items which you may or may not heard of, the Magnitone Lucid Facial Brush. I squealed with excitement when I was offered it at a much lower price than the original cost of £69.99 so when it arrived through my door a couple of days later the packaging came off and it got put straight to the test. 

They come in a selection of bright, fun colours; Aqua Green, Sunshine Yellow, Dazzling Blue and Plush Pink. Of course being the girly girl that I am it was a wise decision to chose the pink colour to review. I have never tried anything quite like this before, although there are currently an array of them on the market. I found it to be very similar to the Clarisonic, however just a fraction of the price. Bargain. Although it is usually described as an exfoliation brush, it can also be used to remove all makeup, giving the face a deep cleanse. It works wonders at making sure all dirt is removed, leaving my skin feeling very clean aswell as smooth. The one down side is that I wouldn't recommend using it everyday as it can end up leaving your skin rather dry. Apart from that I am over the moon that I have now got this device as part of my skin care routine as my skin has never felt any better. I have recently been suffering from a lot of blemishes around my T-Zone area which has left a bit of scarring on my face. I discovered that using this with the right cleanser, such as the Camomile Cleansing Oil from the Body Shop, which is my favourite cleanser to use with this at the moment, has really helped to not get rid of my scarring but to fade it and to help control my blemishes.

I adore that this product is travel-friendly meaning that when I go on holiday, I will be able to take it with me as it will not take up too much room in my luggage. The part I love most is that it comes with interchangeable heads aswell as two different settings (which we will come onto in a moment); a face brush and a facial brushes are the two which I am most aware of which can be purchased from the Magnitone website. This way you can always make sure that you have a spare for when your current brush head has worn out. The bristles on the brushes are really soft, still giving that perfect exfoliate without being harsh or dragging on the skin. You can also buy brushes which are more rigorous and can be used for exfoliating the body, as this area is a lot less sensitive than the face. I usually use my brush on the 'deep clean' setting as I find that this helps the most with my behavioural skin however I do recommend using the 'sensitive' mode the first time trying it just in case your skin reacts in a bad way. The brushes are also rather easy to clean. As the product is waterproof, it means that you haven't got to be as careful when dunking the brush in water to either dampen or clean the brush head. To clean, I usually put the brush head under running cold water and massage it on the back of my hands 'til all dirt has vanished.

When using the device, it will turn for 1 minute, which is spilt into 20 second intervals which you will hear a 'beep' sound after each interval is finished. This indicates when to move on to the next part of the face. I follow the recommendations from the booklet which it comes with, starting off with cleansing my forehead for 20 seconds, then spend 10 seconds on each cheek to lastly move onto my nose and chin. The product will then turn itself of automatically once the cycle has finished. Having this time frame and the indicator makes sure that you are using the time that is on efficiently, making sure that you  are successfully cleansing every part of your face. As you only use it for that 1 minute per time, it means the battery life on it can last a very long time. The charger which it comes with magnetically connects onto the handle, which once plugged in will automatically start charging. The magic of that really does amaze me. 

What the device also comes with
- Instructions
- Active clean brush head
- Magnetic clink charger and travel charger
- 12 month warranty card

All in all, I have loved using the Magnitone Lucid and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin since using this product over the past couple of week. Blemishes have been kept at bay, redness reduced, scars have faded and pores have been minimised. What more could you possibly ask for? My skin feels a lot healthier and is a lot more glowing than it previously was, and as they all say, the secret to a flawless finish is to have great skin, which if you keep on top of your skincare routine you will be sure to end up with that flaaawless looking finish. Beyoncé will definitely be impressed. If there are any of you who are like me and have been suffering with your skin recently, I would definitely recommend giving this one a go to help tackle those problems. I couldn't be with out it and I am sure I will be using it for years to come, but first stop, off to my bathroom to use it right this instance. My skin is in desperate need of some TLC.

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Lots of Love.

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