6 Feb 2015

Beauty Resolutions

So we all have our usual resolutions that we make at the beginning of each year, right? However, being the beauty blogger that I am, I thought it would make sense to compile a list of twelve beauty resolutions which I'd like to aim for this year. There are a few things out of my comfort zone although most of these goals are things that we should all be sticking to.

- Try new things and create different makeup looks
- Be more creative
- Get a new hairstyle and colour
- Try new brands which are unknown to me
- Let my nails grow
- Give my brushes a regular 'deep' clean
- Throw out old makeup I don't use
- Moisturise my body daily
- Drink more water every day
- Don't be lazy when it comes to removing makeup of an evening
- Rock a 'red' lip colour
- Go bare-faced once a week

Lots of Love

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