8 Feb 2015

20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

As bloggers we all go through times of writer's block, the bane of a bloggers life, which can be quite daunting. Trying to keep up with new releases as well as creating unique, fresh content can be extremely difficult at times and deciding what to write about can be the mother of all blogging problems. Deciding upon a starting point can often be a challenge so today I thought I'd share my list of 20 beauty blog post ideas to get your creative ideas flowing!

- Top 10 lipsticks/blushers/eyeshadows etc
- Morning and/or evening skincare routine
- Makeup collection and storage
- Product reviews
- Hair tutorial
- 'What's in my makeup bag' post
- Pamper routine
- Beauty tips and advice
- Products you regret buying
- Any horror makeup stories? Share them
- Beauty wishlist
- Comparison of 2 products; similarities and differences. Are they a dupe?
- (If subscribed) review a beauty box
- Monthly favourites
- Beauty haul
- Seasonal makeup looks
- Nail care routine
- Top budget beauty items
- Recreate a celebrity's makeup look
- Daily makeup routine

I hope this post has given you a few ideas if you're stuck in a 'I'm not sure what to write about' situation as it definitely got my ideas sparking up.

Lots of Love

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