23 Feb 2015

20 Problems Of Being A Girl

I thought that I'd do a more funnier post in which I discuss my most related to "girl problems" which I'm pretty sure plenty of you suffer from aswell. The majority of these take place on a reoccurring basis in my day to day life so lets see what there is shall we.

- Being constantly told by someone that it's "your time of month"
- Owning only one hair bobble and then it snaps, disaster has struck
- Never being able to find any hair pins no matter how many £1 packs you buy from Primark
- Leaving strands of hair everywhere you go
- Never having anything to wear even though you are constantly buying new clothes
- Insisting not to wear a jacket out as it will ruin your outfit, but instantly regretting it
- Lusting over a new hair style for months but hating it as soon as you see the results
- Painting your nails and instantly smudging them
- The decision to wash your hair or to leave it one more day
- Buying makeup simply because it looks pretty but ending up to not like it at all
- Being jealous of someone who looks better than you. Jealousy is a bitch
- Never being able to find your bra size
- Being one size in one shop and another in every other shop, especially in jeans
- Trying not to smudge your lipstick whenever you eat/drink
- Never being able to get your eyeliner or eyebrows the same...ever
- Over plucking your brows and having to wait ages for them to grow back
- Being completely different shades in every foundation you try
- The pain of wearing heels all night just to complete an outfit
- Having nowhere to store your horrendous, forever growing makeup stash
- Applying mascara and getting it in places you didn't think was possible

Is there any problems which I have missed out? I would love to hear what you suffer from on a daily basis. Being a girl can be tough at times*sigh*

Lots of Love




  1. I love this, can definitely relate to most of these! Where do all the hair bands go!?

    Bethan Likes

  2. I have no idea! I am constantly buying new packs out of primark but can never seem to find any!!