7 Jan 2015

Tuesday Tips: Beauty Tricks

Throughout my teenage years, my Mum and Gran have always said to me 'No don't do that...don't do this!', you get the drift. So after the past 5 years listening to their words of wisdom, I am now full of plenty beauty tips and tricks. I know it's Wednesday, therefore a day late, but I thought I would get this post out to you whilst my top tips are still fresh in my mind. Some are just common sense, however few have been passed down through generations, each mother telling them to their daughters (even sons maybe).
- Remove all makeup as soon as you get home from being out and about, especially after a day in the city.
- Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse...wipes are a no no. You need to be cleansing twice a day, including a double cleanse in the evening.
- Keep those fingers away from your face, that spot will never go.
- Change your bed sheets and covers regularly, especially your pillowcases.
- Moisturise your face or any part of your body whilst still damp. The moisture will soak in a lot quicker and much better.
- When cleansing and moisturising, create circular motions on your face to help the blood circulate.
- When using heat tools, always use heat protection to cause less damage.
- Oily skin needs oil aswell.
- Apply any left over moisturiser to the back of your elbows, hands or neck.
- Washing your hair on an everyday basis will only make it even more greasy.
- Use cold water to wash your hair as hot water fades the colour away.
- Don't apply concealer directly to your skin. Use a clean finger to apply and blend in.
- Make sure not to apply nail varnish too close to the cuticle.
- Pluck your eyebrows in the direction your hairs grow.
- When sharing makeup, such as lipsticks, spray an antibacterial on it to help stop germs spreading.
- Water helps your skin the most, along with getting enough sleep.
- Wash your makeup brushes regularly, at least once a week, to prevent from spreading bacteria.
- Reduce puffy eyes or redness by splashing cold water onto that area.
- When applying eye moisturiser or under eye concealer, apply with your ring finger for less pressure.
- Before you apply a lipstick, especially a matte one, exfoliate your lips and then apply a balm to make sure your lips are well moisturised.

So there you go, all my top tips and tricks all together in one post. I tend to stick to the majority of them, with a few exception but lets just keep that between you and me aye. I hope this post has taught you a few lessons and hopefully you will be able to take them on board in your day to day hygiene regimes. If you have any other top tips which haven't been mentioned, be sure to let me know.

Lots of Love.

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