6 Jan 2015

2015 | Its A New Day Its a New Dawn

First of all, I just want to start off by saying a massive happy new year! to all you wonderful people. As a new year has yet again dawned upon us, I thought it would be best to take this opportunity of beginning a blog, where I could create my own little world for yourself and I within the massive blogging community which we have seen a rapid expansion in throughout the past year or two. 2014 was an amazing year for all the daily bloggers who have gradually risen to success and they have played a massive part in inspiring myself to begin my own little blog.

I don't usually set myself new year resolutions, partially as I never tend to stick to them *hands up if you are exactly the same* however this year I am going to make blogging my top resolution which hopefully I will stick to. Even if I could get to just 100 views on my blog would be pretty awesome if I'm being totally honest. As long as I pace myself with a steady regime, who knows how far I may have reached by this time next year? As well as the usual stuff such as get fit and healthy, be more active, spend less, etc etc, I want to at least give myself one break a month from technology. Whether that be one day away from it all or five days, I will be giving my mind a rest from all the agro that usually comes alongside all these social networking sites. That way I will allow myself some time to focus on my current subject which I am taking (accounting) so that one day I can hopefully pursue a career within it.

My biggest resolution for the year is to be more spontaneous in life; try new things, meet new people, discover new places. Ya'know, living life to the full whilst I'm still young. It has always been my biggest wish in life to travel the world and see what else is out there in this crazy place we call 'Earth', so why the heck not. Ps. there will be a blog post coming soon of my latest travel bucket list that I have conjured up. I don't want to let my shyness get in the way of all the amazing opportunities that the world has to offer otherwise I will just be stuck in the same place doing the same thing all the time which will probably get a little bit boring.

So here's to 2015 - the year of opportunities and discovering new things. What are you resolutions for 2015? I would love to know.

Lots of Love.

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